Most of eastern Queensland to see rain for days

“Large, thriving” storms are forecast for Queensland, as much of the state is expected to be hit by heavy rainfall in the coming days.

While no severe thunderstorms have yet been forecast for the southeast on Thursday, the Bureau of Meteorology’s Livio Regano said there was certainty of rain every day for the next week and much of the eastern half of Queensland was expected to be hit.

Parts of Queensland have registered 100 mm as more rain is expected.

Parts of Queensland have registered 100 mm as more rain is expected. Credit:Nine news

Parts of the southeast were predicted to register up to 40 millimeters daily, Mr Regano said.

‘There are many flood warnings. The only people who will miss something [on the rain] will be the West, the Channel Land, ”he said.

“Very humid … very humid air mass overtaking us, big, roaring storms – some of them severe, but not today.”

He said the storms would continue into the weekend.

From kl. 09.00 Wednesday to kl. 07.00 on Thursday, Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast recorded the highest rainfall with 100 millimeters.

Springbrook also recorded 70 millimeters in the same period.

Parts of Brisbane received 20 millimeters on Thursday morning between 6 and 7 p.m.

There was a major flood warning in place for the lower Macintyre River and other alarms, including for the Condamine, Dawson and Paroo rivers.

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