Morrison’s winning ways appear again

Archer told Morrison about his staff, explicitly requesting that they “stay away from me.” It also indicated that it would cross the Earth again if necessary. Archer’s experience underscores the importance of Discover Kate Jenkins That cultural change to tackle bullying and sexual harassment in Parliament House must come from the top.

Archer believes the government has misunderstood its priorities. Although she sympathizes with Gladys Berejiklian, she believes the ICAC has been doing its job, and argues that such a body – not a religious freedom bill – is necessary to help restore people’s trust in politicians.

Former New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian after testifying at the ICAC last week.

Former New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian after testifying at the ICAC last week.attributed to him:Nick Muir

One is a problem that exists and needs fixing, and the other looks like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, as deeply religious New South Wales Premier Dominic Perot pointed out to Sky by asking “Why now?”

Archer fears the religious discrimination bill is a “slippery slope”. She says she will vote against him if he infringes the rights of others, particularly the LGBTIQ community.

At least she’ll have company with Trent Zimmerman, Dave Sharma and Warren Inch to express similar views, which explains why Morrison isn’t in a rush to bring it up for a vote.


The Prime Minister pretended to be as comfortable about Archer’s actions this time as he had been the last time, saying of their close friends and colleagues and what big old party he had led which allowed the members to express themselves freely.

He does it often. He prides himself on being good friends with people when it’s really just working Spakfilla crackling heavy, sealing cracks or covering up his bad behavior.

He did this to Berejiklian as well, though she confided several times to his friends who tried to bully her, and while she got to her desk telling Morrison’s office to stop belittling her.

His defense of her last week, describing NSW ICAC as a kangaroo courtIt was a calculated exercise. He used it to justify his failure to put together a credible anti-corruption commission. He’s desperate to get Berejiklian into a contest against freelancer Zali Steggall at Warringah, and that would undermine any previously opposite outcome.


Close friends say that Berejiklian is seriously considering running. Not to help him but to help the Liberal Party. It could also be a kind of redemption for her, and a vindication of the electorate if she wins.

The timing is difficult. Although she is confident that she will be acquitted, if she and her lawyer are wrong and there is a negative outcome after her announcement, it will lead to a chaotic and dangerous campaign. For everyone, not just her.

Due to the strained relationship between Morrison and Berejiklian, Frydenberg was acting as a mediator.

Frydenberg spoke to Berejiklian several times, and he encouraged her to run, saying it was needed at the federal level and would add weight to the government. She told him and others she would think about it. She also reassured him that she had no leadership ambitions.


Even if she meant it, she would be powerless to stop the speculation. The pressure – or the temptation – to become the first liberal federal leader or first female prime minister may be too great to resist.

In general, those close to her believe that she is more likely to say no, and then perhaps wait until the next election when her status is more clear. She will only be 55 years old. She can wait and think about next steps rather than rushing to jump back into politics, immersing herself in an arena she once described as the snake’s nest.

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