More than 816,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were given Saturday in the United States as the pace of vaccination climbs

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 816,203 doses were administered on Saturday, the fifth consecutive day the agency has recorded more than 700,000 shots in weapons. This brings the total number of doses administered to 3,464,56669, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) figures released Sunday.

The 7-day average doses are now 662,529 doses per day, the highest average since July 7.

According to CDC data released Sunday, 168.4 million people have been fully vaccinated, or 49.6% of the US population. Among Americans who are eligible for immunization—that is, those age 12 or older—58.1% have been fully vaccinated.

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said he hopes the recent increase in cases driven by the delta variant will change the minds of vaccine hesitants, he told CNN reporter Jake Tapper on Sunday. Collins noted that in the past two weeks, vaccination rates have gone up 56% nationally.

“This may be a turning point for those who have been reluctant to say, ‘Okay, it’s time,'” Collins said. That’s what we desperately need to happen if we’re going to put this delta version back in place.”

Overall, the average person fully vaccinated for 7 days per day is 247,385 per day.

In addition, Saturday was the third day in a row that the average number of people getting their first shots over a 7-day period exceeded 400,000. The last time that metric exceeded 400,000 was on the 4th of July weekend.

However, this measure is less than its peak on April 14, when the 7-day average for newly vaccinated people reached nearly 2 million.

Twenty states have now vaccinated more than half their entire population, including Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. state, as well as Washington, DC.

On the other hand, the states with the lowest percentage of vaccinated residents are Alabama and Mississippi, with 34% and 35% of their residents vaccinated, respectively.


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