More than 50% of SEOs said that COVID has not changed the way they do SEO.

Jay Turnbull posted a poll. Twitter Ask SEOs if COVID has changed how you do SEO. Like any SEO survey, the results were somewhat mixed. But out of 259 responses (not a ton), 52.5 said no, COVID did not change the way SEO is changed.

21.6% said Cowade changed the way they SEO and 22% said “it depends.” 🙂

Here is the tweet:

There have been some new structural data changes around Quaid, which can be applied here. Like CurbSide, changes to inventory, medical information, and lots of changes with Google My Business. So that it can be applied in the face of technological changes.

On the business side, I have to imagine that SEOs have been affected in some ways related to Quidditch. Some lost customers, some got huge budgets and some lost. Now, people are dealing with staff shortages.

Discussion on the forum. Twitter.

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