More competitive shows should be like this new jaw-dropping Netflix series

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A multi-layered cake is a hidden surprise, but the real treasure is a chest of drawers made entirely of chocolate, lacquer and everything else.


I ate season after season Top chef, Every Italian meringue gobbled up Great British cooking stop Thrown my way and slurped Crazy delicious. But a new Netflix TV series, School of ChocolateTurns the competition on its head and offers a bold twist on competitive cooking shows.

It just eliminates the elimination. Unlike the Cut Throat competition, no one holds a knife. Everyone gets to live in a tent.

Hosted by Swiss-born chef Amaury Guichon, whose amazingly sophisticated and realistic TikTok videos of chocolate creations garner millions of views, the School of Chocolate Technicians has a master class taught by eight professional pastry chefs – And we can all – see for ourselves. Chocolate sculpture with interactive hinges. A chocolate octopus that looks impossibly real (see below). Edible surprises inside smart cakes that are instantly mouth-watering and delicious to eat.

Having every chef in the kitchen makes the show richer, more impressive, and more compelling than seeing contestants being selected one by one – if you think about it. So, it’s pretty boring to see destructive beautiful chocolate art come to the fore (though the ones who did spend it). Billions of hours watching the squid game. There may be differences). More on my theory in a moment.

School of Chocolate-Season 1-Episode 1-00-00-25-17

This sculpture made of pure chocolate is extremely delicious.


Like the original school, the School of Chocolate Group persists throughout the competition, shedding tears, getting Katie, joking for position – and a انعام 50,000 cash prize – and amazing, loud, gravity-preventing shows. Pure chocolate and pastries with art pieces that sometimes scare me.

The goal is for competitors to learn the latest techniques and improve the challenges that bring their skills to the forefront and showcase breakout chocolates that we can’t help but stare at. Can raise

Netflix might call the show “feel-good,” but that doesn’t mean it’s all school-like and butter-cream.

The tone is good-natured, sometimes foamy and sharper than the Great British back-up. There’s been a lot of tension since the start of the eight-episode season, and the stakes feel amazingly real. Poor actors are forced to sit out the round and only the top two compete for the final challenge. In the midst of hesitation, the gamemanship raises its head.

But when the cream comes up fast, putting the class together gives viewers who care more about the jaw-dropping creations and a lesser gift about stabbing in the back: more.

Instead of expelling skilled professionals who had a bad day or did not fully master the architectural challenge, it would be difficult for people who are just baking cakes to try it. The Dogs also created incredible works of pure imagination (including an amazing salmon roe “nagiri” you have to watch to believe).

School of Chocolate-Season 1-Episode 1-00-00-13-04

100% Chocolate Showpiece from Netflix’s School of Chocolate.


The School of Chocolate is by no means perfect. The favorite competitors were very clear and one episode literally divided the strongest and “weakest” players in the group – remember, these are all skilled professionals – in two clearly unequal assignments. Maintaining many of the usual competitive elements and structures, I spend more time on character conquest and anger than I like, with less time on Weiss Bang Confections to come here to adopt.

That said, the decision to keep more contestants safe in the total mix ultimately treats the audience that way. More Cake and chocolate overall, no less. It opens the door to creativity, not just the daring to imagine chocolate as a momentary treat, but a profoundly challenging medium for artistic expression, engaging the eyes and mind as well as the tongue. Is. Technical, temperamental and, ultimately, temporary.

I am ready for other help.

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