Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic Event Crossover Art

before Monster Hunter Rise Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover event that will bring New cosmetics, there is a special formal art. sonic official Twitter account I showed off a look at Sonic in costume with Palico and Palamute. Notably, this art was drawn by Sonic artist Yuji Oikawa.

The photo shows the Palico and the Palamute in traditional Kamura Village clothing. When cross items appear during this Monster Hunter Rise Job search event, Palico can be dressed as Sonic and Palamute as Tails. (Hunters also get Sonic-themed costumes.) However, for this Uekawa art, Sonic dresses like a ninja. He also wears Kamura village clothes.

Uekawa was working on sonic the hedgehog games for years. It is worth noting that he worked on titles such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic X, Sonic and the Black Knight, And Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Uekawa art has also appeared in other forms of sonic the hedgehog modes. For example, some designs have appeared on covers for sonic the hedgehog cartoons.

Monster Hunter Rise Available for the Nintendo Switch, the downloadable content for the Sonic the Hedgehog event will appear on November 26, 2021. The PC version of the game will appear on January 12, 2022. Sunrise, a new expansion, will appear in summer 2022 for both platforms.

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