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Mom jumps 82 feet to death in bizarre ‘free-flying’ accident

A thrill-seeking mother of three fell 82 feet to her death after a communications accident that caused her to jump from a building without a properly secured “free-fly” wire, as filmed in a agonizing tourist video.

“Despite ongoing medical procedures, the patient passed away,” a local health spokesperson told East2West about the bizarre incident that occurred on Sunday in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

In the disturbing footage, a mother of three, Evgenia Leontieva, 33, is seen on the rooftop of a hotel preparing to participate in the game “Rope-Free Flight” Originated by the late Dan “Master of Gravity” Roseman In Yosemite National Park, California, in the 1990s.

A man can be heard saying “I love you” outside the camera as Leontieva’s seat belt, who was said to have been an experienced jumper, was fastened. After a short countdown, I jumped off the roof.

However, the hair-raising feat deviates horribly after hitting the ground with a disgusting blow as terrified onlookers, including a friend who was due to jump behind her, scream in shock.

Before the fateful leap, Leontyeva and her friend posted “Live it up” and “We’re Going to Fly” on social media, East2West reports.

Univa was given the green light to jump before the organizer could secure her safety line on the tree.
e-karaganda.kz/east2west News

The accident happened after the mother was given the go-ahead before the organizer could tie her safety rope to the tree, the outlet reported. Instead, he was holding a lifeline in his hand as she took the plunge.

As a result, Leontyeva fell 82 feet off the ground and was dragged 12 feet sideways into the wall. Meanwhile, the force of her fall pushed the rope regulator to the ground, as seen in the unedited video.

The daredevil was immediately taken to the hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

Leontyeva was an experienced bird.
Leontyeva was an experienced bird.
Evgenia Leontieva / new east2west

“The patient has been operated on,” a local health spokesperson said. “A craniotomy was performed and the hematoma removed.”

Despite their best efforts, Leontyeva died of her injuries.

Authorities are currently investigating her sudden death amid suspicion of “negligence” by Extreme Sports.

However, if found guilty, the organizers will have to serve a maximum of 40 days behind bars.

This isn’t the first time a bungee bird has died due to regulator negligence. This is my past
July, The Colombian bungee jumper fell hard To her death after a communications accident caused her to jump off a ropeless bridge.

Before the fateful leap, a mother of three and her boyfriend posted "leave it" And "We are going to fly" on social media.
Before the fateful jump, the mother of three and her boyfriend posted “Live it up” and “We’re Going to Fly” on social media.
Evgenia Leontieva / new east2west


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