Mix and match COVID boosters are expected to be fine this week

Washington (AFP) – Federal regulators are expected to authorize mixing and matching of COVID-19 booster shots this week in a bid to provide flexibility for those seeking to maintain protection from the coronavirus.

The upcoming announcement from the Food and Drug Administration will likely come along with authorization to use Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine boosters and follow authorization for a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine for many Americans last month. The move was previewed Tuesday by a US health official familiar with the matter and was not authorized to speak publicly prior to the announcement.

The FDA was expected to say, especially for the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna that have proven effective against the virus, that maintaining consistency in the course of the vaccine was still preferable. The agency was still finalizing the guidelines for the J&J single-shot vaccine.

Allowing mixing and matching can alleviate supply problems, make the task of getting a booster easier for Americans and allow people who may have had negative reactions to the initial dose to try a different dose.

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