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Minnehaha Academy roams the road to Winona Cotter – Twin Cities

Against the backdrop of sophomore striker Bert Barton, who scored two goals and scored a penalty — you read that right — the Minnehaha Academy girls’ soccer team advanced to their second-ever game in the state championship.

Minhaka Academy (15-2-2) beat Winona Cotter 4-0 in a Class A semi-final match Thursday night at US Bank Arena to advance to Saturday’s championship game against Brick.

“I’m really proud of the fact that we have everyone that contributes to this area,” Minha’s coach Brian Holloway said. “We have some stars, obviously, that could finish for us, or play key roles, but the fact that there were 11 players on the field at all times who knew their role and performed against those rosters was pivotal.”

The star of the night, Barton, finished the game 13:29 from the left in the second half when she fired a shot from midfield, beating Ramblers guard (17-2-2) Tess Mullen on her right. Side to advance the Redhawks 4-0.

That was Barton’s 45th goal of the season.

“She definitely brings enthusiasm to our team. She’s someone we can count on for the last three minutes,” senior Penelope Sedgwick said.

Earlier in the game, Barton scored a perfect pass from sophomore Greta Carlson to give the Redhawks a 2-0 lead at halftime.

The last big achievement of the night came early in the second half. Olivia Gardner of Kotter, who scored 43 goals in the season and was named Mrs. Suker for Class A, was awarded a penalty and Minhaga goalkeeper Aiden Gild had to leave the field for a yellow card.

Barton – who used to score goals, not save them – put on the gloves and the orange shark quickly, then talk to Guild for some final advice.

“I knew the girl was left-footed, so I said [Parten] “On shifting so you have to shoot through her body,” Guild said. “I knew she was going to open space.”

That’s exactly what Gardner did, and Barton was there saving the plunge to keep Minnehaha closed.

Sedgwick of Minnehaa opened the scoring at 14:31 from the left in the first half after Sedgwick got past a defender on the right side of the goal and sent it into the middle for Bensen to hit the net.

Carlson made it 3-0 when she fired from 30 yards and netted with 37:10 from the left in the second half.

The first half was played largely on the Redhawks’ side of the field, and it looked like it took a while for Minhaeha to get into her groove.

“I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say we were very nervous,” Holloway said. “This is the first time this team has been here since 1998, so this is new ground for us.”

The Minhaha girls’ soccer team won their only appearance in the state championship 2-0 at St. Louis Park in 1998.

This was the first year that Winona Cotter (17-2-2) – a small private Catholic school – made it to the girls’ football ad.

“Obviously you want to win. It was an incredible experience in the first place,” Cotter coach Marie Barrientos said. “Start to the end, we had our moments. We are not finished. They did.”

Minha-ha will now face Brick (10-4-4) in the championship game at 6 p.m. Saturday at US Bank Stadium. Top seed Brick defeated the Holy Family 4-1 in another semi-final match.

Minhata defeated Breakout 3-2 on September 11 and tied Mustang 2-2 on August 31.