Mike Pompeo on ‘Kilmeade Show’: The media has captured the Democrats’ Russian ‘disinformation’

Former Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo He criticized Steele’s file, calling it “disinformation” and warning everyone Russia investigation “It will be a disgrace to the FBI.” Pompeo appeared on “The Brian Kilmedy Show” On Wednesday, he questioned the basis of the file, arguing that it was “made by the leaders of the democratic institutional elite”.

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Mike Pompeo: This file was to a large extent the creation of the leaders of the democratic institutional elite. We can see all the intrigue behind her with Mark Elias and the gang. We can see how this was built. Then the media took the bait. I think we should all be conscious when the media says we have sources, we should all admit now that if they’re not willing to name the sources, that’s the kind of danger they create – a disinformation campaign. Worst of all, however, is the failure of our Department of Justice and the FBI to get this right. Not eating what I think they know this was a really thin sauce. This was really weak stuff, and based on the Mueller report and the investigation into what was clearly misinformation the Democratic Party put in here. This will be a disgrace to the FBI for a very long time.

The core of Steele’s file says that our administration was somehow collaborating with the Russians and that President Trump was a Russian asset. This is what Congressman Schiff and others have been imposing on America. This is clearly false, and I think we can see that Steele’s file, which was the basis for these claims, was clearly false.

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