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Helen George, who portrays Nurse Trixie Franklin in Call the midwife Filmed the latest series of BBC Medical drama while pregnant with her second child. While the actress has spoken candidly about using props and clever camera angles to hide her pregnancy, she found herself the target of many trolls. However, the 37-year-old actress decided to respond after receiving “a lot” of offensive comments about her appearance.

Helen confirmed the arrival of her second child with partner Jack Ashton in November and filmed the latest series Call The Midwife while pregnant.

However, the actress was abused online by trolls for continuing to act while carrying a child, which forced Helen to speak out.

The BBC actress has taken to her Twitter account to defend herself after the backlash.

She wrote: “I saw a lot of ridiculous comments about my pregnancy while filming @CallTheMidwife1 (thank you also for the lovely comments!).”

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“Women get pregnant, our bodies change,” the mother of two continued.

“But we have a right to act if we choose to do so. How about just supporting him, not questioning him?”

Helen’s social media post comes after one user went so far as to say she must “quit smoking if she wants to be pregnant while filming”.

Co-star of Actress Olly Rex, who plays Matthew Aylward on Call The Midwife, jumped to Helen’s defense after the comment as did many of her loyal fans.

Queen Lorraine tweeted: “I just saw your buddy Tweet embed I defend you and I totally agree with who cares if you get pregnant while filming, it happens and I’m glad you and your partner had another baby. You looked absolutely amazing by the way and Trixie is gorgeous as always.”

Jeff Minnan added, “I didn’t notice your pregnancy at all, but even if I was right away to say you have every right to keep working, and anyone who makes negative comments should keep quiet. You’re great, the show is great, the only thing that can be said is thank you.” you for everything.”

Joanna Cook commented, “I imagine the biggest demographic viewer of #callthemidwife will be women, but actresses are still getting comments on their looks?!”

Julia Abbet said, “Oh, my God, I can’t believe people have the nerve to leave shocking comments about your pregnancy. I was so shocked that someone said it was unprofessional to get pregnant during filming! The woman is pregnant and still working out. Congratulations, it’s an amazing and real life after all! “.

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The eleventh series Call The Midwife launched earlier this month after a Christmas special that saw the hookup of Lucille Anderson (played by Leonie Elliott) and Cyril Robinson (Zephryn Taitte).

The new series saw Helen’s character get close to Matthew in the final episodes.

Before the series aired, Helen opened up about filming while she was pregnant because she filmed the seventh series while pregnant as well.

She said the crew used props, costumes and music boards to try and cover her growing baby bump.

Certain camera angles have also been used to draw attention away from her stomach in the current series.

While these techniques were useful, Helen explained Express.co.uk And other media: “I think it’s important and there’s no reason not to. We’re not disabled, we’re just pregnant.”

Helen gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Lark, in December. The name is a fitting choice as Helen and Jack’s eldest daughter is called Wren Ivy.

Call The Midwife 11 continues Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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