Microsoft’s new Paint app for Windows 11 is now reaching insiders.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled a new Paint app for Windows 11. It was one of the many apps that was teased – including snapping tools, photos and more. Now, it’s finally reaching Windows Insiders on the Giant Channel.

Microsoft is calling it a “modern spin on the classic app,” and that’s mostly the summary. With Windows 11, Paint Age is making its first proper visual optimization. It’s adding things like round corners and mica, and that’s a big deal. Since the age of Windows 8, we’ve had this frustrating experience where some apps have been redesigned for new platforms, while legacy apps like Paint have lagged behind.

The new Microsoft Paint app for Windows 11.

Although it’s not just Mica and round corners. It comes with a new toolbar, and as you can see, it has brand new icons. Color boxes are now color circles, and there are new drop-down menus for things like brushes.

In fact, it is mostly visual refreshing, takes a familiar product and fits it with modern design. Although there is a new feature, which is a new text tool. This means you can edit the text more easily.

A new Paint app for Windows 11 users is being launched on the Windows Insider program giant channel. It is safe to say that with Windows 11 launching on October 5, it will still be on the preview track. And release preview channels.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for feature updates or anything like that. The new Paint app should come through the Microsoft Store as an update to the existing app, whenever it’s ready.

This is the last of the new apps that Microsoft has launched for Windows 11. There may be other updates to the Inbox app in the future, but for now, the focus is on the launch of the new OS on October 5.

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