Microsoft will kill Android Office app support for Chromebooks.

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If you use the Microsoft Office Android app on your Chromebook, you may receive a message asking you to use the Office website for all your documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets. That’s because Microsoft plans to end Chromebook support for its Office Android apps on September 18.

Once Microsoft removes Chromebook support for its Office Android apps, Chromebook users will have no option but to use Office Web Apps. These web apps do not require an internet connection to work (once you are logged in, ie), and you can connect them to your Chrome OS app launcher with a few simple steps.

Why will Microsoft end Chromebook support for its Office Android apps? The company has not stated its intentions, but it may be trying to simplify its workload. Ensuring that Office Android apps work on Chrome OS requires testing and debugging, a process that can take a long time and delay important updates. Since Office web apps work well on Chrome OS, why bother with Android apps?

Clearly, Office for Microsoft Phones and Tablets will continue to support and update Android apps. And if you already have the Office Android app on your Chromebook (or download an old APK), it may work for a while (there’s no guarantee). But I suggest getting used to the Office web app, as it will get constant support and updates. If this is a bit difficult for you, check out our guide to Chrome OS web apps. How Geek.

Source: Microsoft via Android Police.

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