Microsoft switches Windows subsystem to Windows 11 app for Linux.

Microsoft has transformed the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) into an app that you can easily download and install from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. A preview version of the app is now available, allowing Windows 11 users to install the Windows subsystem for Linux. Add / remove programs without selecting WSL as an optional inbox component for Windows.

This separate app will now be offered through the Store, which means that Microsoft can update WSL freely from Windows, allowing WSL users to receive “the latest WSL updates and features.” Requires quick and easy editing of your Windows version. ” Although there have been no changes to the Store app version yet, this means that future updates may appear without waiting for a major Windows release or update.

Microsoft enabled Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 for developers last year, and such features will be immediately available in the Microsoft Store in the future. It looks like the Microsoft Store app for WSL will only work on Windows 11. Microsoft does not mention Windows 10 in its blog post, suggesting that you need to update to take advantage of the Microsoft Store app. This is good news for Windows 11 users, especially those in an enterprise environment where it often takes a little longer to get the latest version of Windows.

Microsoft will still support the inbox version of WSL so you can run it side by side, and the goal is to eventually move Windows 11 users to the Microsoft Store version. “Our goal is to make WSL the best way to install and use WSL in the Microsoft Store, because you’ll be able to get the latest updates faster this way, and in the long run we Use the Store version, “explained Craig Lowen, Program Manager, Windows Developer Platform.

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