Microsoft Store leaks 15 Xbox demo set for Game Awards

Game Awards are on December 9 and it looks like we’re getting some demos to check out as part of the event. So far, our scanners have received demos for 15 games with the label ‘TGA21Demo’ from the Microsoft Store.

None of these demos are available for download yet, but we expect them to go live on the night of The Game Awards. For now, these are all demos we’ve received related to The Game Awards on the Microsoft Store, but we’ll update this post if we find any more.

Desire: Anna’s story

Wish: Ina's Tale TGA21Demo

Wish: Ina’s Tale TGA21Demo

Embark on a spectacular adventure as Ina and travel to discover yourself in the backdrop of the magnificent scenery at The Tower. The experience of fear turns into belief when she opens her purpose in this world and walks the path of freedom.

Aztec: Forgotten God



When an unfamiliar enemy wakes up to threaten Tenochtitlan, Achtli must overcome the powers hidden in Lightkeeper to save his city, a lost pattern that has long been forgotten.

Collection of breakers



The Breakers Collection brings new content to the cult classic among fans of the original games (Breakers and Breakers Revenge) and Fighting Games, released in 1996 for Neogeo and Arcades.

Journey of Passion: The Totem of Darkness



Josh Journey: Totems of Darkness is a beat-em-up style game featuring hand-crafted art that tells the story of brave heroes who use local attacks in local gameplay to defeat the monsters of nightmares. Use your abilities.

Mind scanner

Mind Scanner TGA21 Demo

Mind Scanner TGA21 Demo

Peace, Greeting. Your mind scanner request has been approved. It is your duty to diagnose and treat the citizens of The Structure. The list of patients is long so don’t waste your time. We will let you see your daughter soon …

No one saves the world

No one saves the world - TGA21Demo

No one saves the world – TGA21Demo

Turn anyone into SLUG, GHOST, A DRAGON and more without any features in this new tech on action RPGs from the creators of Guacamelee!

Complete the search to discover and exchange between 15+ diverse and individual forms. Mix abilities in unexpected ways and unlock and complete even more challenging questions. Discover a vast world on your own or online with a friend – clearing the changing basement in an effort to prevent disaster and save the world!

Please note: Although the whole game will support many languages, this demo only supports English.

Outbreak: Contagious memories.

Xbox demo spread

Outbreak: Infectious Memories TGA21Demo

Outbreak: Infectious Memories TGA21Demo

Return to the classic 90s survival horror with the terrifying atmosphere, overly loud, cheerful voice, tense resource management, and optional collaboration in this story based indie nightmare.

Raccoo Venture



Spiritual successor to the 3D platform genre. Discover all the hidden objects, discover mysteries, solve puzzles and find new clothes to customize the hero. The special ability to control chaos and discipline will blow your mind. Defeat the awesome tattoo Armadillos.

Space boat

Space ship TGA21Demo

Space ship TGA21Demo

‘Spaceboat’ is an investigative narrative adventure based on a spaceship with a variety of carpet-based lifestyles. Play as a cleverly disguised space cat, overcome the dangers of time and space, and find a passionate disguised jewel thief before it’s too late!

Super toy cars off road

Super Toy Cars Off Road TGA21Demo

Super Toy Cars Off Road TGA21Demo

Bringing the Super Toy Cars off-road series off the track, and into the mud, sand, snow and more! Find your way into this fast-paced arcade racing game where you control the little off-road cars that go through amazing tracks full of everyday big things.

Alan’s pursuit

Following the Allen_TGA21 demo

Following the Allen_TGA21 demo

Your spacecraft has just crashed on an alien planet and you are fighting for your life just to survive. You are trying to get to your home planet, but your spaceship is not working. As you wait for a space elevator, you learn about the electrical forces within you.

The darkest stories

The Darkest Tales_TGA21Demo

The Darkest Tales_TGA21Demo

Teddy has grown up, traveling on a lofty voyage to save Alicia through nightmares and spoiled childhood stories, together with a stuffed bear named Teddy and his magical pre-side kick light. Who else will fight for a girl’s life, if not her once cute toy?

Never happily ever after
Meet familiar characters from childhood bedtime stories, but don’t expect any hugs or kisses. The wolves are out for blood, the great bean stalks are crawling with insects and carnivorous plants, and the Little Red Riding Hood… well, it can cut you in two.

Teddy scissors
Don’t be fooled – Teddy may be soft, but with Light, our heroes make a great pair. Turn old scissors into magic swords, needles into powerful arrows and connecting forks, but use your mind wisely, so you don’t lose your stitches. Remember, everything is fine in the race to save Alicia.

There is only darkness ahead.
Each chapter takes place in a recognizable but distorted fairy world with battles, obstacles and mysteries. Test your abilities against fierce opponents and bring back hope to the land of dreams which are now surrounded by the forces of evil. Gain experience, master and build the branches of your skill tree, and reach the depths of nightmares to conquer.

Darkest Tales is a game with deep and mysterious stories. As you move through each page of this story, you begin to unravel the mysteries of this terrifying world. How will this story end? It is up to you to decide.

Gardner and Wild Wines

Aegean treasures.

Treasures of Aegean TGA21Demo.

Treasures of Aegean TGA21Demo.

Demo version

What happened to the Minoan civilization? Join Parker Master Marie Taylor and Treasure Hunter James Andrew in a historical action thriller, as they unveil the secrets of a forgotten kingdom that is tragically and endlessly trapped in an endless time loop. Discover beautifully handmade non-letters in the open world, recover valuable artifacts, sketch a lost island, and collect new clues in each loop to complete the ancient prophecy. Solve the riddles and mysteries that angered the old gods, stop repeating history forever in your quest.

Secrets of the Minoan Cataclysm A powerful explosion in 1639 BC destroyed the Minoan civilization and sank the volcanic island of Thera, the birthplace of their empire. History seems to repeat itself, as the island rises again, and a new catastrophe is imminent. Why were the Minoans so advanced in their time? Did King Minus estimate his death? Can a new outbreak of Thera be prevented? There is only one way to find out!

A sunken island trapped in time. Hidden in the depths for thousands of years, Thera Island is full of historical treasures to collect and mysteries to understand. Discover the lost Manon fort, make your way through the Ottoman sunken navy and open the gates of the underground palace as you unveil the details of the people living there and their tragic end. Take advantage of the time lapse to save information on a permanent map and solve important puzzles before the world flies and the loop resumes!

Timing, accuracy and solving puzzles. Get ready for an action-packed adventure, as you traverse rough terrain full of challenges: climbing steep slopes, climbing high walls, climbing obstacles, swinging on oxen and exploring the open world by hand. Jumping on pits. There is a pattern, a clue or a piece of the puzzle hidden in every corner of the island that needs to be solved to save the world from destruction.

You are not alone on the island … Marie Taylor is the hero of the story, a wonderful treasure hunter who works with his colleague, historian James Andrew in search of antiquities. But this time they will realize that they are not the only ones familiar with the Manoan scope, as longtime rivals come to the fore to bring back the ghosts of the past and complicate matters further.

• Time Loop Adventure
• Environmental soundtrack
سین Hundreds of treasures to discover.
پی European comic book art style
کرنا Solve the puzzle
• Parkour gameplay.
* Historical thriller

What’s in Multiverse?

What's in the Multiverse TGA21Demo?

What’s in the Multiverse TGA21Demo?

Welcome to What Lease in the Multiverse – a humorous adventure that transforms the world through the powers of a talented young boy and the misleading lessons of a whimsical scientist.

Would you check out any of these demos? Let us know in the comments!

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