Microsoft M12 Boss shares his 5 tips for founders looking to invest

  • M12, Microsoft’s venture capital arm, has invested millions in more than 100 startup companies since 2016.
  • It is among the growing number of venture capital firms supporting start-ups in the United States and Europe.
  • The recently appointed Managing Director of M12 shared his top tips for founders looking to invest.
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It’s been five years since M12 – formerly Microsoft Ventures – was launched.

At the time, the tech giant’s venture capital wing pumped millions of dollars into 110 startups including an identity verification startup. unvideo The Norwegian educational technology giant Kahut. M12 typically write checks from $1 million to $20 million.

After the company’s president, Nejraj Kashyap Left for SoftBank in FebruaryMatthew Goldstein, a Silicon Valley veteran and longtime investor M12, has been named the company’s new managing director.

“I’ve always believed that doing venture capital properly should be better, not worse, than institutional venture capital, because they have something unique to offer entrepreneurs,” Goldstein, who is based in London, told Insider.

“Microsoft struck me as the most important partner-friendly software company on which a B2B VC could be built, so when they decided to build one, I took a chance.”

Over the past decade, investment funds for companies run by tech giants – including Google’s GVAnd Salesforce Ventures, And Intel Capital – They were among the most active in Silicon Valley.

Unlike most venture capital firms, which focus on making returns on their investments, these corporate funds are usually more concerned with how their investment portfolio works with the parent company, something Goldstein said has led to them gaining “a reputation for being touristy or a waste of time”. “

“Because of this stereotype, we have to work harder than others to prove that we are positive contributors to the startup ecosystem,” he said.

“To reinforce this commitment, we would like to work with co-investors who are also committed to making a positive contribution to the ecosystem – especially if they are able to bring something unique to the table.”

Insider sat down with Goldstein to find out his advice for founders hoping to win investments from a tech giant like Microsoft.

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