Microsoft listens to users about Windows 11 default browser issues.

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There’s been a lot of talk about changing the default browser in Windows 11. Unfortunately, Microsoft has made it much more difficult than necessary, but the company seems to be backing down, as the latest Windows 11 Insider build makes it easier to replace. Your default browser again.

Microsoft released release notices for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509 and the company made a major change that it did not even mention. O Twitter user Rafael Rivera Saw a new button that lets you change the default browser with a single click in Microsoft’s latest operating system, which should always be the case.

In the current release of Windows 11, you have to change the default for all different types of files to change the browser, which makes it an unnecessarily difficult process. If this new change makes its way into the release build, users will be able to easily switch to Chrome, Firefox, or whatever browser they choose.

Microsoft told The Verge that it was “implementing customer feedback to customize and control defaults at a more grainy level.” However, based on user feedback, since it has been implemented, no one seems to be happy with the change.

It left browser makers like Mozilla to come up with their own work, which Microsoft called “inappropriate.”

Unfortunately, links through Windows 11 Search are still open in Edge, and there’s no easy way to change that. But at least you can change the default browser for everything, which is still an important step in the right direction.

It is important to note that this feature is previewed in Windows 11, which means that Microsoft can easily remove it before it goes to the release version of Windows 11. Hopefully the company will see a lot of positive customer feedback and decide to keep it. This is because it shouldn’t be really difficult to stop using Edge and switch to whatever browser you like, even if it is “2008”.

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