Microsoft is updating PowerToys for Windows 11.


If you are a Windows Power user, you know about PowerTies. Fortunately, Microsoft has not forgotten about Windows 11, as the company plans to refresh the latest version of the operating system.

The new look and feel for PowerToys was discovered by the PowerToys GitHub page with a moment’s request.

Once the bridge was completed, Power TV designer Niels Lotte explained. On twitter That new design will likely appear in a later release. This means you’ll have to wait a while before viewing Windows 11 in the internal preview.

Overall, it follows the same design sensibilities as the rest of Windows 11, which means it will fit perfectly with the rest of the operating system.

In addition, the bridge’s application states that “the new standard controls can now be modified once and will reach all pages.” The update also includes accessible improvements that will make it easier for everyone to use PowerTies.

Again, this is not yet available, but it should come soon to Windows 11. If you can’t wait, you can run a branch from Gut Hub now, but you’re definitely waiting for a more stable version.

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