Microsoft is reselling the ugly Windows sweater, and this time, it’s Minesweeper.

Microsoft has launched an ugly sweater with a new Windows software theme on its Xbox Gear Shop dedicated to the infamous Windows game. Minesweeper

It’s well done: not just perfect Minesweeper The surface is shaped like a Christmas tree, but it also has mines that can be used as ice cubes and “buttons” to minimize the window or exit the game if you wish, as well as classic wavy. Windows logo that hears back to Windows 3.1. (If you’re wondering why “1990” is left in the sweater, this is a reference to the year Minesweeper Came out first.)

This is the second year of ugly sweaters with Microsoft Windows theme. Last year, the company released three ugly sweater designs, including a dress MS Paint The application, which humorously looked like it was designed in the same app. In 2020, Microsoft donated a portion of the proceeds from each sweater to girls who coded This year, the company is paying a lump sum of $ 100,000. Able gamers Charity for gamers with disabilities.

Microsoft is selling. Minesweeper The explosive price of the ugly sweater is $ 74.99- $ 5 more expensive than last year’s design. Sweaters sold out in 24 hours with stock again at the end of December last year, so if you want to look like a professional flag bearer this holiday season, get one soon.

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