Microsoft is hitting its Office app on Chromebook.

We’re not sure who or how many people use Microsoft Office on the Chromebook, but if it’s you, you need a bottom-up experience. Microsoft will soon roll out its Office app for Android on Chrome OS, the company confirmed on Wednesday. About the Chromebook.. The app will be released from the Google Play Store on September 18, at which time users will need to sign in via the web via or As 9to5Google Note., The Office app will still be available on Android phones, until it disappears from Chrome OS.

While signing in with a web app should work in a blink of an eye, it’s clearly an inferior experience that the Android app has so far not to mention that Google’s G Suite is under the control of its local Google. What can be done on the platform. In particular, be warned that the web app does not offer almost no offline access, which some users have acquired on the Google Play Store version.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. About Chromebook. Trying to provide the best experience for Chrome OS / Chromebook users. Whatever the intention, it may give Chromebook users another reason to try the G Suite, if they don’t already exist. Or hey, maybe they’ll dig into their Chromebooks and download the Android app on Windows 11.

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