Microsoft is ending support for Android Office apps on Chromebook.

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In the summer, reports began circulating that Microsoft was considering ending support for Android Office apps on the Chromebook. Although the news on this front was silent for a while, it turned out that Microsoft is really ending support for these apps.

Microsoft is ending Chromebook support for Office apps.

Chromebooks were discussed with Microsoft about Android Office applications, and it was revealed that the company is moving Chromebook users towards web office experiences.

From next month, Chromebook support for Office Android apps will end. Unfortunately, this means that Office on the Web will be the only way for Chromebook users to take advantage of Office and everything it offers.

Microsoft’s PR statement states: “In an effort to provide the best experience for Chrome OS / Chromebook users, Microsoft Apps (Office and Outlook) launched Web Experiences ( on September 18. And 2021. This change gives Chrome OS / Chromebook users access to additional and premium features. Users will need to sign in with their personal Microsoft account or the account associated with their Microsoft 365 subscription. More information is available here. “

As you might expect, Office on Android is not going for smartphones and tablets. Because Chromebooks have larger screens than these devices, apps aren’t good for them. With that in mind, the move makes sense for Microsoft.

Some users claim that Android Office apps aren’t very good on Chromebox already, so this change shouldn’t have a negative impact on many people. Also, Office Web experiences have improved significantly over the years, so this might be a good idea for everyone.

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