Microsoft Edge says Chrome is “very 2008” if you try to download it.

Microsoft has changed its new Edge browser to Windows 11 by changing its default browser as well as blocking apps as well as blocking any Windows links that are redirecting to your favorite browser. Has gone too far in forcing the browser. But it turns out that things can always go awry, because Microsoft’s browser is now actively insulting Google Chrome if you try to download it using Edge. As reported. NewvinWhen you open the download page for Chrome in Microsoft Edge Canary, you can now be greeted with a message that says “That browser is so 2008”. The message naturally urges you to keep using Edge, and there is no clear way to dismiss it.

In fact, there are two different messages that you can see, one just saying that Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome “with the added confidence of Microsoft”. We were not able to display these messages on our own, but you can see them below.

It is natural that Microsoft thinks its browser is better than the competition, but it can easily be argued that this behavior is anti-user. Microsoft is already trying to prevent users from downloading a competing browser if you use Bing to find another browser, with a large portion of the page taken up by Edge’s ad banner. ۔ This extra effort, apart from the other controversial Microsoft initiatives we mentioned above, seems a bit disappointing. In favor of Microsoft, Google is also known to use its Chrome browser to advertise a lot on its web pages, but it does not go as far as Microsoft.

At the same time, Microsoft is bundling features that are essentially unnecessary with the Edge browser. Recently, the company added a “buy now, pay later” feature to the browser, which could potentially encourage users to spend more than they can afford. It has been the target of significant reactions, and it may take some users away.

We can only hope that these messages will be removed from Edge as soon as possible, but the fact is that they were first pushed to users when they should never have been.

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