Microsoft Corp stock held flat on Friday, still outperforming the market

Microsoft Corp. shares.

Unchanged on Friday, in what proved to be a very dismal trading session for the stock market, with the S&P 500 Index

It fell 0.19% to 4,391.34 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average

It fell 0.03% to 34746.25. Microsoft Corp. closed. $10.99 is below a 52-week high ($305.84), which the company reached on Aug 20.

The stock showed a mixed performance when compared to some competitors on Friday, such as Apple Inc.

Alphabet Inc Cl A stock fell 0.27% to $142.90
+ 0.40%

It rose 0.40% to $2,795.71, and SAP SE ADR

It fell 0.16% to $135.44. The trading volume (17.6 million) remained 4.4 million below the 50-day average volume of 22.0M.


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