Microsoft Bing Shopping includes portfolios, stores, editor selection, deals, price trends and Amazon integration.

Microsoft announced (here too) that it has added the ability to browse Bing Shopping by department, store tabs, editor picks, item popularity, price in multiple stores, and deals. “These advanced options provide useful hover menus and information page guides that highlight selections, deals and trends,” said Microsoft.

Microsoft Shopping has also added deeper integration with Amazon to add products to your cart through direct search.

It features browsing by departments with over 1,000 different categories. I should note, it looks like these departments are starting to be sorted out by Google search – which is probably not what Google wants.

Saigo George noticed that these departments appear in the Google Search Index:

Alternatively, you can shop at a specific store by hovering over the menu on the Stores tab:

Bing added an editor’s selection section where Microsoft has “rapidly developed recommendations for products and categories.”

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Bing has added “Sales” and “Price Reduction” labels to applicable items as well as Dell ratings that are “good”, “great” or “epic”.

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Also, when you’re ready to buy, searchers can see if their item is available for “Curbside Pickup” or try out the new “Buy Now” feature for Amazon Products Adds directly to Amazon’s cart.

Finally, on Bing Search, shoppers can choose to compare prices in all stores or find the price history of a product over time, with just one click! Insights appear on all the items for which we have relevant data.

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