Microsoft Advertising New Credit Card Ads on Bing Search.

Microsoft has announced that it has a new ad format on Bing Search using the Microsoft Advertising Network. The new format is called credit card advertising and is now an open beta for US and Canadian advertisers that you can use to advertise on credit card companies Bing.

Credit card ads are intentional sites that provide users with real-time information and encourage action, not all of which require keywords, Microsoft said. They appear on the Bing search results page with mainline text ads. Here is a screenshot but you can find it and see for yourself. [credit cards]:

Click for full size.

Credit card ads are dynamically generated based on the data in your feed file, which contains your business data, such as card issuer, annual fee, and any signup bonus. Microsoft said that the more details you provide in the feed file, the more Microsoft advertising can add information to your ads.

You can sign up for Open Beta here and you can learn more here.

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