Michigan High School shooting suspect, 15, appears at court hearing | Michigan

The 15-year-old was charged with murder and terrorism for shooting him dead four of his fellow students and wounding others in Michigan The high school was seen in custody via video link during a court hearing Wednesday afternoon.

It emerged when county authorities revealed that his parents had been called to school hours before the attack — and the county attorney general spoke about gun control after it was revealed that the gun was used in the shooting at Oxford High School, about 30 miles north of Detroit, belonging to The suspect’s father.

The suspect, Ethan Curmbley, a sophomore at the school, can be seen sitting behind a table, wearing a coronavirus face mask, goggles and what appeared to be a protective suit issued by detention.

Meanwhile, his parents, James and Jennifer Curmble, were watching video from a separate location, in baseball caps and blue casual T-shirts, as District Judge Nancy Kremak heard from a law enforcement witness in the courtroom about the attack on the school. Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant Tim Willis of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office told the judge that the boy had recorded a video the night before the violence in which he discussed the shootings and student killings.

Willis made these statements shortly before Curmbley was brought to trial on charges of murder, attempted murder, terrorism causing death, and gun crimes.

He was charged as an adult and was expected to be transferred from the children’s jail to the county jail, county Mayor Mike Bouchard said at a news conference earlier.

District Attorney Karen MacDonald said the shooting was premeditated, and was based in part on a “mountain of digital evidence” collected by police.

“It wasn’t just reckless behavior,” MacDonald said.

Brochard said the adult Crumbleys were called to school on Tuesday “because of behavior that was worrisome in class.”

Their son stayed at school, and the shooting took place a few hours later.

Bouchard also said investigators believe the gun was indeed in the school.

Meanwhile, MacDonald said the shooting should be a wake-up call to new gun laws in a country that has become “insensitive to school shootings,” MacDonald told reporters.

“We have to do better,” MacDonald said, adding, “How often does this have to happen? How often?”

She said the terrorism charge was appropriate.

“And what about all the children running and screaming and hiding under desks? … These are victims too, their families as well as society,” MacDonald said.

She said charges against the parents are being considered.

“Having a gun means securing it properly, locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” she said.

Surveillance video showed that the authorities said all the victims were killed in the school corridors.

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