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Michelle Ye attacked the contestant of “Survivor” in a Pilates studio

former survivor Contestant Michelle Yee, who competed in the 2007 season in Fiji, is recovering from a frightening accident.

The former reality star said the people It happened just before 6 a.m. on October 14 when she arrived at a Pilates studio in Santa Monica, California, where she was supposed to take a class. As her students entered through the open front door, she noticed a woman who, as the magazine described her, “shaggy and restless” seemed approaching. Ye said she was yelling at her saying she was a whore and had her identity stolen.

“Santa Monica has a homeless problem, and she’s dealt with this kind of thing before,” said Yi, who was voted her ninth. survivor season. “And I said to her, Ma’am, you can’t be here. You have to leave.”

That’s when you remember that women became violent.

former survivor Contestant Michelle Yee was attacked on October 14 in Santa Monica, California (Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS Broadcasting Inc. via Getty Images)

“You stabbed me in the left bicep,” Yi said. “Then she hit me on the right hand with a baton. My Apple Watch broke.” It was alleged that the attacker also hit her in the head.

After that, “My face opened, blood was everywhere,” Ye explained.

A Santa Monica Police Department spokesman, Lt. Rudy Flores, told Yahoo Entertainment that police responded to a disturbance on a peace call on Second Street and Arizona Avenue that morning after receiving reports of a woman “carrying a baton and hitting cars.” Then they saw the suspect beating a male victim and immediately took her into custody. They discovered that two other victims, including Yi, were “pricked” with a saw blade and hit by the pipe. While Ye herself went to the hospital for treatment, which included stitches in her face, the other two victims’ injuries were limited to scrapes, and they refused medical treatment.

It turns out that the alleged attacker, Alexandrea Diaz of Fresno, is on the list of missing persons. Police said she suffers from mental illness and may have stopped taking her medication.

On Monday, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office filed three counts of assault with a deadly weapon against her.

Although Diaz has not been charged with a hate crime, Ye, who is Asian, said she was not sure why she was chosen as the victim.

“Physically, I’m improving,” Yi said. “Emotionally, it’s harder, but I have to be fine.”

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