Michelle Heaton Shares A Shocking Photo From The Depths Of Alcoholism To Show Recovery After 20 Weeks Of Sobriety | Ents & Arts News

Pop star and TV personality Michelle Heaton shared a photo of herself caught in the depths of her alcohol addiction to show fans how far she’s come since she stopped drinking.

The singer, who rose to fame in 2001 as a member of reality TV band Liberty X, has spoken openly about entering a rehab center for her troubles earlier this year and has posted updates on social media.

On Tuesday, she posted a photo of her swollen face and bloodshot eyes, taken 20 weeks ago, saying she was “devastated” and “her immune system down”, and compared it to a recent photo of her looking happy and well. .

Heaton, 42, said she wasn’t meant to be shocked but wanted to show that this was her “truth” before getting sober.

She posted photos to celebrate Sober National Day and National Recovery Month, telling her 280,000 followers that she is now “stronger mentally and physically than I’ve ever been” and that she’s taking it one day at a time.

“One-day encouragement nurtures more support and awareness and leads to long-term sobriety,” she said. “This is something to celebrate! The antithesis of addiction is communication.

“Recognizing this sets a model for future generations who will be my picture! Then the second picture shows how to enjoy an alcohol-free life, today will encourage future generations to say no to alcohol.”

She also shared details of Alcoholics Anonymous and NHS advice on drug addiction.

After completing rehab in May, Heaton said she’s been drinking up to two bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka nearly every day since 2018, according to an interview with The Sun.

Model and TV personality Katie Price She was among those who supported Heaton on Tuesday, sharing the photo of herself and saying it was taken a week before she encouraged her friend for help.

“This is a before-and-after photo of my devoted best friend and longest friend ever,” Price said, adding that “asking for the help I needed is the hardest step you can take.”

“Everyone can be mentally healthy and don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help,” she added.

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