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Michael Strahan nearly flew a rocket ship into outer space before the giants retired with his number. It took all this time.

I’m going, ‘Well, what took you so long,’ Strahan, 50, said on a conference call on Wednesday. “But it is an honor.”

The Strahan star so meteoricly so caught up on television that he was invited to be a guest aboard billionaire Jeff Bezos’ 10-minute Blue Origin flight. Journey to outer space on December 9.

His 92nd jersey will be pulled for the first time in the Hall of Fame, on Sunday when the Giants host the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium.

But Strahan made it clear that he feels the party is too late.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been honestly expecting this for a long time,” said the Good Morning America host. “I’ve been in the NFL Hall of Fame for seven years now. All the things I’ve done for the Giants, I was expecting to soon, but it’s still an honor for me.

“I don’t want it to sound like I’m ungrateful or dishonorable, because I really am,” he added. “I probably expected it to come a little sooner than it did, yeah.”

This is certainly an interesting way for Strahan to approach his jersey retirement, by declaring “It’s time!”

Looking at retired Giants jersey number 10 Eli Manning right after his career ended, however, before they retired from Strahan’s jersey, it’s somewhat understandable why the pass-rusher was confused.

Strahan’s number 92 will be the thirteenth giants number to be removed from circulation. He holds the record for one NFL season with 22.5 sacks in 2001, when he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He and three-time winner Lawrence Taylor are the only Giants to ever win the award.

Strahan seems self-aware enough to understand how much he won Super Bowl XLII before retiring from his post-football career.

I know for sure that if we didn’t win the Super Bowl, my life would be different.” “I don’t think I would sit here and cheat on you and go, ‘No, I’m still going to live the same life.’ No, winning that Super Bowl, especially the way we did, against The team that we did against that record they had, definitely put me in a different light for a lot of people – which led to an incredible life. ”

Strahan and Manning are both examples of how winning tournaments in New York can propel athletes into another stratosphere of good fortune.

The 2021 calendar year in Manning was infamous. Hired by the Giants’ Marketing Department, hired by ESPN to host Monday Night Football, his number retired by both the Ole Miss and the Giants.

Your stardom seems to know no bounds. A one-time noisy scroll rusher goes to outer space, to his loud shriek. So who has the best 2021: Manning or Strahan?

I never thought of it that way,” Strahan said. “I just look at it as Ellie’s living life and I’m living my own life. I don’t look at it that way to be honest with you. I’m happy for Ellie and everything that happens with him, just as I’m happy for myself and everything that happens to me.”

Strahan, a second-round draft pick from Southern Texas in 1993, is one of only four Giants to have played at least 15 seasons for the team. He said he would have considered playing the 16th season if the Giants had not won the title in 2007.

“But I’m glad we did, because I was ready to retire,” he said.

“I’m smart enough to realize that playing in New York is something special for an athlete,” he added. “It puts you in a different light with so many people and puts you in the national spotlight, something that definitely adds to your legacy.”

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