Miami Scented Candles: What Does This City Smell Like?

Miami is known for many things: South Beach, beautiful people, and being The cocaine capital of the world in the eighties. When it comes to Miami residents themselves, they stick out like sore thumbs in the wild.

There is something about 305 that you can practically smell on the locals.

With that in mind, a company called 305 candles Recreates the scent of Miami, one scent at a time. So far, it is filled with the distinct aroma of fresh coffee and “Deco Dream” with a fruity flavour.

This got us thinking: What is Miami doing? really smell like? Not the scents you find at the airport gift shop next to Doritos for $8.99, but actual The smells you’ll find in parts of Miami that most tourists skip?

Here are some of the distinctive scents that come to mind.

Maybe a faint scent maybe marijuana.

The smell of marijuana is easily distinguishable. Until then, you’ve gone through some bush, crossed a body of water, and traveled a great mile until you’re in your car at a stop sign. Then you can’t be sure if it’s the smell of freshly burned lawn that you smell or the smell of the ripe past from a distant mango tree.

There are already marijuana candles on the market. What Miami needs is a candle that makes you wonder if it smells like marijuana or guava IPA.

An outdoor lunch box filled with pastilletos, empanadas, and croquetas.

Tell me you’re from Miami without telling me you’re from Miami. Oh, Bastilleto? I got you. Vibe has been verified.

The nice side of Miami is no matter you are rich or poor, the same foldable lunch box full of crunchy treats hits the same way in the morning. Whether you grew up eating pastilletus de guayaba or loved them after moving to Miami, few can deny the aroma of delicious Latin pastries.

If you’re asking us what kind of Miami candles we’re going to stop on, Versailles smells great right away.

Smoke rises from La Caja China.

We can only say Miami needs a candle that smells like barbecue, but that would be disingenuous. Miami needs a candle that smells downright like Caja China that has been pumping out meals since the mid-’90s and still works like the day it was assembled.

The smell of whole-boar grilling in a box isn’t a scent you’ll soon forget. It sticks to you. No, really – it literally sticks to you. Your shirt smells like it after hours.

An extra tinge to the scent of your uncle’s beer at work this thing will rise to perfection.

Flanigans, duh.

Everyone sees South Beach on TV, but the real Miami nightlife takes place inside Flannigan. In fact, the candle must come inside a green cup to get the full effect. They will sell immediately.

If you’re making a candle that smells like Miami nightlife, you can keep the $35 martini and mojito. If we move to Nebraska and want to remember our nights drinking in Miami, give us the scent of a plate of Flanigan’s ribs and cheap beer.

Miami Pass.

Would you like to get into the nitty-gritty of what Miami residents smell the most on a daily basis? What about the smell of hot asphalt on the Dolphin and Palmetto highways in rush hour traffic? This is what Miami residents smell more than coffee.

Whatever combination of exhaust smoke, cigarettes, cigars, gasoline, and moisture, put that into a candle and charge it up, because that definitely smells like Miami.


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