Meta: Meta strengthens commitment to India’s SMEs, launches local mall

New Delhi: dead reinforced its commitment to small business from India by launching the inaugural edition of the Grow Your Business Summit, an event focused on the country’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMB) growth agenda.

The summit saw startups and small businesses from distinct sectors from across the country, including small towns and rural India, attend the event and share their stories of how they are transforming their businesses using digital technologies and applications by Meta. During the summit, the company also announced the launch of Grow your business focus, a space for MSMEs to find relevant information, tools and resources curated to meet their business goals based on their growth journey.

Every month millions of small businesses – only 15 million The WhatsApp In India – Use Meta Apps to start their online journeys, grow their business. These companies are able to reach global because Facebook social networking site And Instagram, with more than 300 million people either like or follow the Indian Small Business Page.

On Instagram, over the past three months, people in India have created more than 1.2 million posts and comments to show their support for small businesses and buy local products. Over half a million Instagram small businesses in India have listed either a WhatsApp number, phone number or email in their resume, or they encourage potential clients to contact them directly via DM. This shows that small businesses are increasingly taking advantage of Meta apps to go directly to the consumer.

In a statement, Archana Vohra, Director of Small and Medium Business, Facebook India said, “Small businesses are the engines of growth for the Indian economy, and Meta’s role is more important than ever in unlocking growth opportunities for them like many of them. Go online and use digital for growth. Coordinated and customized business skills to launch initiatives that empower working capital for small businesses, we’ve been building for India’s growth Small and medium-sized companies With a local approach based on India first.”

In addition to the Grow Your Business Hub, the inaugural edition of the Summit also saw the launch of the Grow Your Business Playbook which aims to inspire and prepare early stage companies to start their journeys on our apps. This is Facebook India’s first book on everything small businesses need to know from starting a business page, creating on-page content, to the first steps they need to take to start advertising. The first release aims to help businesses create online and offline journeys and accelerate online sales for small businesses during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

These new resources come on the back of several initiatives and interventions Facebook has launched in recent months to support the growth of small businesses. Recently, Facebook launched the Small Business Loans Initiative to enable business loans to small business advertisers on Facebook through third-party lenders.

India’s findings from a Deloitte Dynamic Markets Facebook study of launching small business innovation and growth through the rise of the custom economy as of May 2021 finds that more than 80% of small businesses in India claim that Facebook apps were critical to making their business stronger today. And let them compete in the market. More than 80% of SMEs surveyed also said that personalized advertising is important to the success of their business and to achieving a higher return on marketing spend.


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