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Put a budget surplus
Towards saving sequoias

Recent wildfires have killed up to 14,000 giant sequoias (“Up to 14,000 sequoias killed in wildfires, “Page B1, November 20). The largest living creature on this earth has disappeared, in one summer, some of them are 3000 years old.

This is simply outrageous. It is said that 20% of them in the state are lost. Houses and barns can be reconstructed. How do you rebuild the tree?

These natural wonders should have better protection, better plans, new laws, restrictions, and leadership that understands our responsibility as those responsible for this great treasure.

I appeal to this governor and the people of California to fully fund the new safeguards. Take a portion of the next $30 billion surplus to do just that.

Mark Jarzan
Morgan Hill

Don’t let redistricting
Undermine work friends

I am writing this letter to express our strong disagreement with your editorial,”The county should reject efforts to manipulate constituency boundaries. (Page A8, November 12)

The purpose of this editorial appears to be to show your dissatisfaction with two candidates you describe as “employment-friendly.” Your newspaper has a long history of opposing the candidacy of those trying to provide better conditions for workers. This article is no exception.

The majority of Santa Clara County residents are workers. They are nurses, teachers, workers, construction workers, doormen, hotel workers, bus drivers, first responders, and a thousand other jobs that help us live better lives. They toil in a county with one of the highest rates of income inequality in California. This duality is reason enough that any “worker-friendly” person deserves support, not be belittled and subtly accused of manipulation, as your editorial suggests.

Gail Kowalski Adams
San Jose

Democracy is swaying
under weight MAGA

I hope all those who make America great again will be satisfied. We now occupy a moral world where members of Congress threaten to kill their colleagues and the president, and 17-year-olds, whom we currently judge unfit to serve in the armed forces, may openly carry assault rifles and shoot people without fear of any consequences.

If that’s your definition of greatness, it really is a sad state. The foundations of American democracy are crumbling all around us, and all we can be motivated about is whether wearing masks or getting a bullet to protect public health are dangerous political statements.

but cheer up JFK Jr. comes back from the dead To help re-elect Donald Trump and everything will be fine again. Heaven helps us because we seem to have no interest in helping ourselves.

Eugene Eli
San Jose

China’s excesses
Olympic boycott required

The 2022 Winter Olympics in China should be boycotted. The human rights violations committed by the Chinese Community Party are egregious. How can we support a government that puts its people in concentration camps (education)? Or led to the deaths of millions of its people? The recent crackdown on Hong Kong is an example of the Chinese Communist Party’s failure to change its tactics.

In addition to treating their own people, they pose a global threat. China threatens to invade Taiwan. They threaten and frighten the countries of the South China Sea. Their theft of intellectual property harms our economy.

We cannot repeat the mistake we made in 1936 by attending the German Summer Olympics. Our athletes may suffer, but that will be nothing compared to the suffering our forces may endure. We should never support a hostile government.

George the Baptist
South San Francisco

This is followed by the resignation
Rittenhouse referee

With news coming out that Kenosha’s shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been found innocent of all charges related to killing two men and injuring another, he confesses to a numb feeling of resignation and nausea.

I have long struggled with the fetish of firearms in our country, and the proper interpretation of the Second Amendment, and will forever wonder which “well-organised militia” the young Mr. Rittenhouse has been recruiting for.

On November 21, as this story continued to unfold in many communities, I happened to be in line at the very crowded Milpitas Sevoy, before a gentleman. While we were waiting, she commented, “I didn’t know so many people went grocery shopping on Sundays,” to which he replied, “I think they’re celebrating.” I naively asked, “Celebrate what?” The young man smiled and said, “Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Not guilty.”

All I could get out of it was, “Not me.” My resignation and nausea returned.

Barry Goldman Hall
San Jose

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