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performance of politicians
As expected in Glasgow

Re. “Experts wanted more countries agreement, “Page A4, 15 November):

There is no magic bullet that cures global warming. The answer includes a basket of solutions that I’m sure weren’t discussed enough at the last global meeting. With billions of cars on the road, a commitment to greater efficiency will pay dividends. Instead, we make and sell SUVs, an inefficient vehicle that few should drive.

The author was right, of course, but these encounters are not about solutions. They talk about solutions. After all, these people are politicians. It is naive to think otherwise.

Robert Snohey

In Sacramento, Budget
Excess in the wrong hands

I’m so glad I’m living in a state that just makes me forget Lots of tax revenue They don’t know what to do with it.

I’m sure my money is in good hands, with people building a train to anywhere or Pay for needles For IV drug abusers. If they return some of that money to the people who already paid all of it in the first place, I’ll buy a can of wine from our Progressive Governor’s Great and Fair Estate.

Max Ritter

Run the animation on the far left
Shows bad judgment

The choice of a political cartoon for the November 24 newspaper (page A6) is the most vile I have seen in your newspaper. It is completely aligned with the paper’s far-left choice and The Times should apologize to all its readers for the misjudgment.

Trying to tie in the Republican Party’s effort to make our elections safe, which, in the case of Arizona, has been approved by the United States Supreme Court, is not like someone using an AR-15 and shooting someone.

Our country is being torn apart by this baseless prejudice on the part of the mainstream press. Shame on the East Bay Times for continuing this assault on the truth. These situations only serve to divide the country and turn people against each other. Please try to do better.

William Gregory

golf course insults
Veterans on vacation

I am a veteran and often play golf Mission Hills Golf Course in Hayward, which are subject to jurisdiction Hayward District Recreation Area.

I was appalled that on Veterans Day, a national holiday that recognizes those who have served our country, they were charging their own “holiday rates,” which are $10 more than normal rates, to everyone, veterans included. Since it is a nine-hole course, many veterans use it. Not only were there any kind of admissions posted thanking the veterans for their service, they charged them extra.

One would think that an organization like this would at least honor the veterans at a discount rather than an additional fee.

Jerrold Jules

Messaging is not
the problem; Politics

Columnist Jackie Calmes (“The problem of Democrats’ messages begins with who controls the loudspeaker, page A6, November 17) He has no messaging problem. What it has is a problem message.

She acknowledges that CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the rest of the mainstream media — and the rest of the media, I assume, meaning ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, and many others — are leaning toward the Democrats. However, it goes on to say that Fox News and Breitbart control the messaging. How silly.

The Democrats have always controlled the loudspeaker, but they still don’t understand that no matter how loud they shout that Brussels sprouts taste great, you still can’t drive sales. The same can be said of Biden’s policies.

Bill McGregor

Transformation of youth correction
Facilities for the homeless

We don’t have a homeless problem. We have addictions (drugs and alcohol) and mental health problems. One wonders why we do not have the courage to help these people.

If we make accommodations rehabilitation mandatory for offenders in both categories, we’ll stay with those we can help, and we’re willing to help. It has been reported that young people Correction facilities are closed Seems like an ideal place for mandatory rehabilitation or mental health care that provides all the logistics needed to house, feed and treat these people. It may be cheaper than spending the record $4.8 billion The state plans to spend the next two years getting these poor people off our streets

Jeff Johnson

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