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Merge Part 1 – CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

(CBS) – Drop your buffs! The first half is finally here Survivor! But… not so fast – this wasn’t any traditional fusion like the past. This episode had a lot of ups and downs – we’re left with a game-changing cliffhanger. Here’s how it all happened in the first part of the merge:

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Ua . tribe

With only Shan and Ricard remaining on the Ua tribe, tensions are higher than ever between the two. Before the last tribal, Shan and Ricard (who have proven to be one of the strongest alliances in the game so far) start arguing with each other about their common advantages. Collectively, they both managed to get the Steal Vote feature, which they both stole from JD, as well as the Hidden Immunity Idol, which they both stole from Genie.

Since voting for Jenny in the last tribal council, Chan and Ricard have not seen eye to eye on who should enjoy these advantages. Shan takes full ownership of both, so she feels it should be kept. On the other hand, Rijkaard knows he’s been a vital asset in her game and thinks he should stick with it too. Now, Chan demands Rijkaard to return her “Steal Vote” feature. It seems that this “strong alliance” may not be all that strong a tendency towards consolidation…


The three tribes received a tree-shaped mail that congratulated them on reaching an important stage of the season – merging! But few know… They were on their way to another major development. Host Jeff Probst broke the fourth wall in this episode as it allowed us to enter into a new twist on merging.

Yes – nothing is easy, nothing is guaranteed.

After Probst famously told the untouchables to “drop their buffs,” then shared how the untouchables had yet to be incorporated. At this point in the match, these outcasts now had to draw rocks to divide them into two teams: Blue and Yellow. Both teams will have to compete in a challenge for a place in the Fusion – along with winning the unique Fusion Feast that comes with it. And that’s not all. The winning ‘team’ gets immunity from the upcoming tribal council – this is because the losing team will then have to compete against each other in the first individual immunity challenge.

[Exhales] … oh, and This not everything. While drawing rocks, two of the twelve castaways drawing rocks gray will have to sit down and face turn after challenge. The outcasts who painted rock gray are Naseer and Erica. This leaves the two teams:

blue: Danny, Ricard, Deshaun, Sydney and Evie

yellow: Xander, Heather, Liana, Tiffany and Shan

The challenge of merging itself was physically exhausting, as always. The teams had to dig up a giant boulder and physically push it across the track, giving a whole new meaning to Probst’s celebrity. survivor Phrase, “You have to dig deep!” In addition, these outcasts had to use each other as human ladders. Yes… this challenge was no joke. In the end, there was the infamous word scramble, as the two teams were neck-and-neck. But, it was the blue team that won its place in the merging, along with the winning phrase, a ‘merging feast’.

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The winning blue team, which controlled most of the former Luvu tribe, had to decide which fellow Luvu would join them with merging immunity, along with a place at the dinner table. Remaining member? Oh, they will be sent away to the island of exile, where they will be left alone for two whole days and two whole nights to survive. This wasn’t an easy decision… or was it?

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Danny, who spoke on behalf of the winning team, claimed that they decided on “rock paper scissors” and chose a fan to join them in the merger. This means that Erica will be excluded from the rest of the Untouchables and must make her way to Exile Island for two full days.

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At the feast, the Six Untouchables started to strategize a bit and even mention how Erika would be the best person to vote next. Danny, who we know has been making an alliance with Deshaun and Naseer, even pointed out the fact that he realizes that more men are being voted on this season than women. Danny shares behind the scenes how the decision for ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ really was for a cover, based on inspiration from the previous survivor Seasons – because he wanted to protect Naseer from the tribal council.

Meanwhile, the remaining five outcasts, who were left hungry and anxious, started plotting among themselves as well. Zander, who feels like the most vulnerable of the group, knows he’s at the bottom because of the camp’s dynamics. Since Shan and Liana had previous hookup experience survivor The top, these two are very narrow. Even Shann desperately asks, or should I say, babble*, the fact that Liana has an advantage – right in front of Tiffany. Tiffany, who thought she had a close alliance with Lyanna and Evie, was surprised to hear this.

Behind the scenes, Liana shared how she didn’t want to reveal that she gained the “knowledge is power” feature to anyone but Shane. But, since Chan mentioned her in front of Tiffany, there was no going back for her. Tiffany eventually forced Liana to share more about what this feature meant. Since this feature gives Liana the ability to steal an advantage or an idol (as long as it’s within the rules) – she explains to Shan and Tiffany how she’s setting their sights on stealing one of Xander’s assets. But little Liana knows, since she didn’t tell Tiffany about the feature right away, Tiffany now has her eye on HER.

After the Buffers returned to their compact camp, this episode sparked even more potential alliances. Xander and Naseer seem to be like-minded in this game. Sydney is now making alliances with Evie and Tiffany. And there’s some talk between Deshawn, Danny, Liana, and Shan, who are teasing the idea of ​​embracing extra diversity this season by forming the People of Color alliance.

The strongest bonds are finally starting to form – but which alliance will hold out the most?

Exile Island

Earlier in the episode, we see Erica arrive at her new camp, and encounter a major survivor Reality check. She’s left alone with limited food and supplies – and at this point, she’s even wondering if she’ll make it through life for the next few nights. Erica then shares more about where she came from and how she didn’t grow up handing things to her. She says that if she can get through these days in exile, she will click on the “lion” hiding inside her and think she can win this game.

But before we finish the episode, Erica encounters a whole new development. Jeff Probst even featured in this one. Probst reached her camp, and gave her an ominous black hourglass. Then he tells her how the members of her former tribe unknowingly endowed her with enormous power. Erica’s feature allows her to “change the date” in the game. She can go back in time and change the outcome of the last challenge. This means that she can grant the losing untouchables, including herself, immunity from the tribes and have the winning untouchables compete in the next individual immunity challenge instead. This is a big game shift. Hourglass sandals represent her time in the game – now, she has to decide, will she make history by changing the date?

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It might be the middle of the season, but it looks like the game is just getting started! We’re left with a huge cliffhanger now – which means no one was voted on in this week’s episode survivor.

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Don’t miss part two of the merger next week on Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS as well as live and on-demand with Paramount + Or the CBS app!


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