Mercedes thief coming out of the barbershop with his hair while the owner sees him

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Mercedes thief coming out of the barbershop with his hair while the owner sees him

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The owner of the car tracked down a man who stole a Mercedes-Benz in a barbershop and dragged him by the hair by other customers. Bianca Chambers, 32, posted on social media after her car was stolen last week and called the police four times to help find her.

However, policemen who went to the place where the white Mercedes was stolen were unable to find the car, he said. WJBK. But Chambers did not give up. Three days later, she got a tip about the suspect’s parking of her car at a Detroit barbershop where he had his hair cut.

Chambers entered the barbershop while using Facebook Live He asked the suspect if the Mercedes outside belonged to him. The man in the clip was heard denying it was his, prompting Chambers to attack him.

Chambers then came out as someone who did not appear in the footage said the suspect claimed to have bought the Mercedes for $2,500 from someone.

Bianca Chambers (center) tracked down a man who allegedly stole her Mercedes-Benz at a barber shop and customers dragged him by the hair (Photos: tamaralibertysmith)

Chambers slashed the tires of a Mercedes to prevent the suspect from driving in it.

“I cut all the tires and thought it was going to take off and I didn’t know how long it would take for the police to stop,” Chambers told WJBK. “I refused to let him withdraw again.”

Meanwhile, clients dragged the suspect by his hair outside the barbershop.

Chambers can be heard claiming that they and clients have arrested a citizen to prevent the man from escaping. However, the police said Detroit news That the arrest was illegal and a criminal assault. Police said the departments admitted to assaulting the car thief during the accident.

Apparently the suspect took the Mercedes for a walk and smoked inside. But Chambers returned it clean because the suspect had details, according to WJBK.

“They were driving, you know, they were having a good time, they were smoking,” Chambers said. “But yes, my car was very clean.”

Chambers said she identified the thief in a news report that he was wanted for another car theft in Northville. The suspect reportedly stole several cars since his teenage years.

The suspect, whose identity has not been released, is behind bars.

He decided not to press charges against the chambers over the alleged assault on Wednesday, he said WDIV.

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