Mercedes EQS gets 350 miles of EPA rating

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Mercedes EQS is a car Starting at $102,310 here in the US, and one He promotes a WLPT range of 478 miles, which is what they use in Europe. In the US, though, the range is EPA-tested and usually results in a lower number. For the EQS, that came out to 350 miles.

This According to Green Car reports, which states that 350 miles of range is for the single-engine version, called the EQS 450; The two-engine version, the EQS 580, gets 340 miles of range.

It’s fair to say that a lot of people thought the EPA’s range for the EQS would be closer to 400 miles, and also closer to the Tesla Model S Plaid’s, for example, which Tesla says has a range of 396 miles. Still, 350 miles is a respectable one, at least for normal people; It’s also better than the Model S Plaid’s 348 miles Gets 21 inch tires.

Then there is Lucid Air, which Gets an impressive 520 miles of EPA-rated range It starts at $77,400. And there’s the Porsche Taycan, which starts at $82,700 and gets 225 miles for the base model, too. The Audi E-Tron GT, which starts at $10,0945 and goes up to 238 miles of range.

There are enough of those in this segment now, then, buyers will have some options; I think most of them will choose whichever luxury brand they actually prefer. The Lucid is probably the most interesting one, however, as they don’t have a track record and also have the car with the most range and mileage. For years, we Talk about scale concern and the sensitivity of electric car buyers to it, and also whether this is a thing at all. Well, now we have the cars to figure it out more or less. Choose your fighter.


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