Melania Trump did not think that Donald Trump would win in 2016

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Melania Trump did not think that Donald Trump would win in 2016

  • Melania Trump allegedly shouted election night in 2016 after realizing her husband’s victory.
  • He expected Donald Trump to lose.
  • This story and much more is part of the insider’s 2016 oral history of how Trump took over the GOP.

Former First Lady Melania Trump never expected her husband to win the White House in 2016, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told insiders.

“Melania played a very limited role during the campaign, not believing that Donald would really win,” Cohen told insiders about his 2016 oral history of how Trump defeated Republicans. The party was in power. “However, when asked directly by Donald for his opinion on an issue, he made an easy offer.”

Other news reports from Cohen’s remarks have suggested that many people close to Melania Trump and the former president were not expecting to win the 2016 election night. His niece, Maryam Jordan, wrote in her 2020 book that Donald Trump was stunned to win the election.

In 2018, New York journalist Michael Wolf reported that Melania Trump cried on Election Night 2016 after realizing her husband’s victory. The Trump White House at the time denied Wolff’s report. However, Wolff has struggled with questions about the credibility of his books on Trump.

Former House Speaker John Boehner speculated in 2018 that Donald Trump had promised Melania Trump that he would not win, and that he would not have to leave New York for Washington.

Just days after the 2016 election, the New York Post reported that Melania Trump and her son Baron Trump will remain in New York until the end of the school semester. He left New York for Washington in mid-June 2017, according to a Politico report at the time.

Within Trumpland, the former first lady is seen as one of Donald Trump’s most influential advisers, competing only for the influence of his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kishner.

A spokeswoman for the former first lady did not immediately comment on the story.

According to Corey Lewandowski, a longtime Trump adviser, Melania Trump agreed with her husband in a story separate from the internal language oral history project that John McCain was “not a war hero.” Melania Trump’s office declined to comment.

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