Meghan Markle latest news – Prince Harry and the Duchess’ ‘extravagant taste and lifestyle’ are far from ‘target audience’

He left Buckingham Palace terrified

The royal family is preparing for another devastating attack from Prince Harry – as he personally searches for his mother’s life for a new book.

Experts also fear he may use the notes to label a “racial royal”.

Royal insiders believe he will now be pressured to identify the family member who claims to have made racist comments about the color of his infant son Archie’s skin.

It is understood that Harry was calling old friends of Princess Diana.

He thought he would leave most of the work to the ghost writer.

Now, palace sources are “surprised” at the extent of his involvement.

Harry told how he took his wife Meghan and Archie to the US to stop “history repeating itself” – and drew comparisons to D.

There are fears going into Diana’s life and the divorce will portray Prince Charles and Camilla as the villains in his book.

Royal expert Penny Junor said: “Publishers will want a lot for their money, like labeling a so-called racist.

“He’s looking into his mom’s life, so he’s going to talk about his parents’ marriage, separation, affairs. That could be incredibly damaging to his dad and Camilla. Charles will be king and Camilla his queen. The last thing they or the country need is another eruption of anger based on what I think is False and false accusations.”

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