Meghan Markle and Harry give Archie an “incredible childhood” | Royal | News

Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Prince Harry were praised on the RoyallyUS podcast for introducing their son Archie Harrison With Amazing Experiences. Royal expert Cristina Garibaldi and Royally Us co-host Kristin Ross have commented on recently released photos of a two-year-old playing at a chicken house in the Sussex’s backyard in Montecito, California. “Archie must have been going through the most amazing childhood,” Ross stated.

Ms Ross told Royally Us:[Archie] You just must have had an incredible childhood.

“You know, I think they give him really great experiences.”

Ms Garibaldi continued: “He seems to be doing a good job of being a big brother even though it has been a bit of a transformation.

“Preparing Big Brother is not easy,” she added.

“Maybe like what is this?

So you definitely enjoy double the fun, and definitely not the norm that she said kind of create new traditions together as a family.

“It’s her second time here, so they’re going to have a really good time together and she loves to cook.

“So you can imagine it makes a great Thanksgiving meal.”

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