Megan McCain slams as Kamala Harris visits her father’s memorial in Hanoi: ‘I honor my father by helping Afghans’

Megan McCain cum targeted Kamala Harris On Wednesday, after the latter laid flowers on her late father, a senator John McCain, at his memorial in Hanoi, Vietnam, identifying the location where it was dropped during the Vietnam War.

Conservative talk show host, who left the view Earlier this year, Ms Harris told in a tweet Thursday that the way to honor her father’s death would be to ensure that “everyone” American and Afghan who helped US forces through the nearly 20-year occupation would be safe from the Taliban.

“If you were to honor my father’s legacy on this anniversary of his death – you’d spend every second making sure every American and Afghan ally was out of harm’s way,” Ms. McCain tweeted.

“He was nothing if not someone who understood the sacrifice and loyalty of the people he served with,” she added.

Her observation, which did not specifically mention Ms. Harris, came just hours after Ms. Harris was seen in videos laying flowers on the grounds at the memorial in a heavy rainstorm while one of her aides carried an umbrella over her.

As Washington has turned into a polarizing and partisan battleground over the past two (at least) presidencies, McCain has emerged as an independent who often beat his party to a vote on compromise legislation, most notably in 2017 when he ended GOP hopes. Repeal the Affordable Care Act along with Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

His boss and his former boss Donald TrumpThe mutual enmity between him and his wife, Cindy McCain, also led to the president’s endorsement Joe Biden In his attempt to oust Mr. Trump last year.

At the memorial site to commemorate Mr. McCain’s capture during the war, which led to his five-and-a-half years in prison, Mrs. Harris paid tribute to the Republican senator.

Mrs. Harris said: “He was an extraordinary American. A hero. He loved our country. He was so brave and really lived the life of a hero, and the sacrifices he made were on every level imaginable…They always fought for the best of us.”

Over the past week and a half, the Biden administration has been the target of criticism from many over his handling of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and by Mr. McCain’s wing in the Republican Party in particular to withdraw US troops at all, a position at odds with the majority of the American public according to the latest poll. for opinion.

The president is facing underwater acceptance rates on the issue, with descriptions and photos of the evacuations leading many to question why flights out of the country had not begun weeks earlier, before the capital was in Taliban hands.

The United States also faced questions about why the White House was surprised by the speed with which the Taliban seized power, as evidenced by Biden saying a month ago that US intelligence had not indicated the possible fall of Kabul within weeks.

Thousands of Afghan nationals are still waiting in and around Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport in hopes of getting a seat on a flight outside the country, while the Taliban have urged Afghan citizens to stay and in some cases tried to prevent some from reaching the airport.

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