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Minneapolis (WCCO) – Spoon & Stable chef and owner Gavin Kaysen is both a local and national celebrity, having appeared in magazine photos and TV cooking segments. But the team that keeps Spoon And Stable has a tough reservation about capturing senior, and two of the next generation’s leaders are young men and women.

“It’s kind of intimidating. She’s great too,” said bar manager Jesse Pollack, who left an administrative job at a university seven years ago (“I hated it”), and I thought she’d run some bills. Instead, she found a career for which she won national awards.

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“Executing cocktails: It’s technology, it’s muscle memory. I always think about flavors and flavor combinations,” Pollack said.

Another restaurant leader also appears in the kitchen, executive pastry chef Alexandra Motz, who has been working at the Twin Cities restaurants since she was 20 years old.

“My father’s family was a cheesemaker, my mother’s family was an artist, and I found this way to blend the two,” Motz said.

Her painted desserts are a work of art—a sprig of carefully placed mint, a quinelle of ice cream arranged beautifully. In her spare time she paints paintings on canvas; At work her canvas is painting.

“It’s something that’s a huge part of my life,” Motz said. “I found a way to create beauty through food.”

Both Pollack and Mutz are part of a younger generation of chefs and brewers taking leadership roles in the Twin Cities restaurant scene, spearheading innovation in the glass and on the plate, and in the often male-dominated culture of kitchens and bars.

“Is it worth having a woman in charge of the programme?” asked Jason DeRocha of WCCO.

“Absolutely. It’s the exception that proves the rule. In most bars you see the majority of white bearded men behind the bar. We can draw attention to that and specifically the staff in a way that makes everyone feel welcome,” Pollack said.

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Motz agreed, citing the influence her teacher, Diane Moa, had had on her.

“It really is a huge responsibility for sure. I know my goal is to be someone’s mentor,” Motz said.

Today, Moua has taken on another leadership role at Kaysen, heading operations for Bellecour Bakery at two of the Cooks of Crocus Hills locations.

“Being a leader for the next generation, it’s what makes me excited to go to work every day,” Motz explained.

Pollack said she pushes herself by competing and winning national cocktail competitions, like Mary Brisard Toast Hair Story Contest.

“I really hope to be known for my work, my creativity, and the atmosphere I set up in this tape,” Pollack said.

She will highlight her focus on the spirits of women and winemakers at the latest Synergy Series event at Spoon And Stable December 9-10 with Chef Missy Robbins visiting from Brooklyn, New York. There will be limited pub visits and everyone will participate in a discussion at the American Swedish Institute from 12 noon. -1 p.m. on December 10. Find details at Here and tickets Here.

spoon and fixed It is located at 211 N. First St. in Minneapolis.

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