McAuliffee Changes Comms Strategy Days Before Election

Virginia Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe shifted his communication strategy away from Donald Trump the weekend before Tuesday’s election.

McAuliffe She said In Virginia Beach on Saturday his campaign “is not about Trump,” despite his persistent attempt to get Donald Trump into the statewide election for months.

McAuliffe also doubled down on CNN on Sunday, saying the election is no longer about Trump. McAuliffe, I’d like to bring him. She said Trump. “But you know…this is not about Trump.”

The change in direction comes as McAuliffe did Accused Republican candidate Glenn Yongkin on being a “Trump wannabe.”

“I would like to hear my opponent say what they did… is unacceptable. How hard would it be to say that to a candidate for governor?” McAuliffe said in relation to the January 6 incident.

The media has also perpetuated McAuliffe’s talking point. For example, CNN books Saturday said Trump would be responsible for McAuliffe’s victory if he wins.

Donald Trump may not be physically present in Virginia to attend crucial Commonwealth elections out of the year. But for Glenn Yongkin’s most ardent supporters, the way their candidate has kept Trump at a distance is worth it if he wins on Tuesday.” mentioned.

McAuliffe’s campaign strategy to link Yongkin to Trump was also on display when President Biden scrambled to run for Democrat last week, appointing Trump 24 times.

Terry’s opponent has made all his loyalty pledges to Donald Trump. But what really interests me is that he’s not going to stand by Donald Trump now that the campaign has started.” He’s willing to pledge allegiance to Trump in private, so why not in public? What is he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump here? Is it embarrassing ?

But McAuliffe’s campaign against Trump rather than focusing on state issues has likely cost Democrats’ poll numbers. Last week, McAuliffe lost his average lead in the polls over Yongkin. Another Fox News poll showed the Democratic candidate trailing his opponent by eight points.

Moreover, Republicans seem to have enthusiasm on their side. Among those residing in rural Virginia, Yongkin leads with 61 percent to 33 percent. Youngkin numbers in rural Virginia are Larger From Donald Trump numbers in 2020.

Youngkin campaigns primarily around education and the ability of parents to direct their children’s education. “We must empower parents, and address their concerns about school safety, curricula and deteriorating standards and outcomes in Virginia schools,” Youngkin books In a Fox News editorial on Monday.

Youngkin also criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland for allowing an FBI investigation of parents that was based on a false memo from the National School Board Association (NSBA) that labeled parents as “domestic terrorists”.

“Instead of investigating parents, the Department of Justice should investigate those who were involved in the coverage,” Yongkin said.

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