Mayor Michael Hancock holds a Voting Rights Summit in Denver

DENVER (KDVR) – Officials in the city and county of Denver are planning a major summit in just two weeks on election equality, one that will likely have some national repercussions.

it’s called The National Nonpartisan Conversation on Voter Rights.

FOX31’s Joshua Short spoke with Mayor Michael Hancock about why he’s leading the event, although we don’t have many voting issues here.

“This is a vote,” Hancock told Josh in a sit-down session from the mayor’s office this week.

“Your right to vote at 18, my right to vote at 18, your daughter’s right to vote, your son’s right to vote, your grandmother’s right to vote—that is the vote, as far as it is general,” said the exasperated mayor, explaining why he was driving For efforts to protect the rights of voters across the country.

Hancock said it was his way of intervening to thwart the threat to election justice – a serious concern to him and others.

“It is fundamental to democracy that every eligible American citizen should have the right – unrestricted access to the ballot box,” the mayor said, adding, “Whenever we see anything that gets in the way, we need to act quickly to remove that impediment.”

The event will be held October 21-23 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver, the city that was lauded for the extraordinary election process.

Paul Lopez is a writer and registrar in Denver County. It is also responsible for the elections.

“I feel really bad for a lot of people who live in other counties across the country. They make it difficult, they add obstacles,” he told Josh on Friday, the day officials began sending out ballots to active voters in Denver County.

Josh Lopez questioned how officials ensured that ballot papers of those who may not be active voters, or those who may have died, would not end up being bargained for or used fraudulently.

“We are constantly comparing: our state records, with vital statistics, with the DMV, we get daily updates, so we are able to determine who is the correct voter through our system,” he explained.

Data released this summer by the Brennan Center for Justice reveals Nearly 1,000 bills restrict voter access It was introduced in 49 states, none of which passed here in Colorado.


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