Mayim Bialik reveals why Neil Patrick Harris stopped talking to her after this awkward moment: ‘It was bad’

Mayim Bialik She progressed on how her close friendship with Neil Patrick Harris broke up decades ago.

The “Danger!” host and former “The Big Bang Theory” The actress appeared in “Late Show” On Tuesday, she shared a “horrific story” by James Corden.

The former child stars were close to their teens and even supported each other as guest stars on their hit TV shows. After Bialik, 45, appeared in Harris’ medical drama “Doogie Howser, MD” In 1990, the 48-year-old appeared on her Comedy series Blossom the following year.

But their friendship was put to the test in 1997. At that time, Harris appeared in the production of the musical “Rent” written by Jonathan Larson, in which he starred as director Mark Cohen. Everyone gave future winner Tony a standing ovation for his performance – except for Bialik.

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It’s been a long time…it was nothing,” Bialik said. “But when your friend is at a play and everyone finally claps and you say to your friend next to you, ‘I don’t want to put up with this,’ and then you look up and Neil Patrick Harris looks so good on you, it’s a bad day.”

Bialik insisted that Harris’ performance was “awesome”.

“I mean, he’s amazing, but I wasn’t interested in, ‘Let’s give a standing ovation,'” she explained. “That was nothing. But that’s the time you don’t say it out loud because Neil was reading my lips and when I went backstage to say hello to him—we were friends at the time—he said, ‘No kidding,’ why did you say you wouldn’t stand up?” I read my lips! “

Bialik admitted that she had no answer for him.

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Former child stars Neil Patrick Harris and Mayim Bialik were close to teens.
(Photo: Joey Del Valle/NBCU Image Bank/Getty Images)

“It was horrible,” she said. “was bad”.

Bialik has claimed that Harris has since forgiven her.


“We haven’t talked in a long time,” she admitted. “He says he forgave me and sent me flowers when he heard that I still had this horrible [guilt]. I mean, I felt awful. It wasn’t just a thing.”

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