Maverick ‘Features Tom Cruise is already bombing a Yemeni village

LOS ANGELES — Kevin Holt, CEO of Paramount Studios, emphasized that the film eschewed computer graphics and digital juggling to give viewers a great experience in their seats. Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise will be shown actually bombing a remote Yemeni village. “When we sat down with Tom to discuss this movie, he told us to forget all the huge technical stuff and just let him work his magic in an actual F-35 during a Yemeni wedding,” Holt said, explaining that watching early cuts of the leading man who dropped cluster bombs on the village of Ras small tentHe proved that the movie wouldn’t have been the same without including real civilian casualties. “Obviously, we said we could kill a few Yemeni children on a proper stage. But Tom is so professional that he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘Look, that wouldn’t be Best Unless there is some honest blood on my hands. And frankly, when you see the burning pit left in Maverick’s heels, you’ll realize he was right.” Holt added that he was particularly impressed by Cruz’s determination to perform all of his war crimes.


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