Matt Willis says his eldest wife Emma helped him ‘orient’ him after meeting her at age 21

Matt Willis says Emma was a little older than him when they were married, which means she could give him the influence he needed at that time in his life.

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Emma Willis opens up about her relationship with Matt in 2019

Matt Willis praised his wife whatever She revealed how she helped him when they first met.

The musician burst onto the scene 20 years ago with his Busted bandmates, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne, and their hit song What I Go To School For.

During the band’s successful first run, Matt met host Emma and were married for 13 years.

They also have three children together – Isabelle, 12, Ice, nine, and Trixie, five.

The 38-year-old met Emma, ​​45, when he was 21 and openly admits that he is a completely different person than he was at the time.

Talking to Yes! magazine, he said, “I am very different from the person I was then. But I had a very good clue in Emma.

Emma and Matt met 17 years ago and have been married for 13 years


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“She’s a little bit older than me, so she’s been there and done that, and she was exactly the influence I needed at that time in my life. We value each other, know ourselves so well and love her to shreds.”

“She just understood me; she understands who I am and has never tried to change her. I’m not trying to change her either—we are what we are and we embrace that around each other.”

Matt also touched on rumors that he was about to participate in a new show with his wife, but denied any involvement with him, claiming that his presentation “isn’t really my purse.”

While he refused to rule out any future projects, it’s not something he has any real plans for at the moment.

where It’s set Split, he turned his hand to acting.

He described the theater as the place of his heart. He admitted, “I love him.”

“I always get nervous before a performance, but I get this buzzing in my stomach and I’m so excited before the curtain goes up. There’s nothing else like it.”

Matt has ruled out participating in a show with his wife Emma


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He is scheduled to be on stage at the Musical Waitress where he will play Dr. Pomatter.

He’s also set to star in a new movie as well, having just finished filming a WWII movie called Wolves Of War.

He plays an army captain with no empathy and described how working alongside actors like Ed Westwick helped him delve deeper into the role than he thought possible.


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