Matt Amodio lands in the second longest film “Jeopardy”! winning streak

“Danger!” A new rising star.

Yale PhD Student Matt Amodio, 30, is now the show’s second winning contestant – taking his 33rd straight win Friday overtaking James Holzhauer’s streak.

Amodio captured $55,400, bringing its gain to $1,267,801. He still lags behind Holzhauer’s win total by more than $1 million, however, due to his overall more conservative playing on the “Double Jeopardy” and “Final Jeopardy” rounds.

“I have a chance to remind everyone how much better me than James_Holzhauer is literally in every way,” Amodio Tweet before the pre-recorded contest aired.

“It is such an honor to be so unwanted compared to someone I respect so much!”

The trivia guy must win 42 more matches to defeat him Ken Jennings 74 stealth games in 2004.

Matt Amodio outpaced James Holzhauer for the second longest winning streak in “Jeopardy!” History after winning the thirty-third in a row.

Jennings was scheduled to host the show alongside actress Mayim Bialik after Mike Richards Had to get out of the partyand his role as executive producer, after revealing sexual comments he once made on a podcast.

“Danger!” called A large number of distinguished guests To oversee the program after the death of famous host Alex Trebek.


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