Matrix Awakens leaked on PSN backend, running on Unreal Engine 5.

With a new Matrix movie coming out relatively soon, the biggest surprise in the world is that it has some kind of tie-in with other media, especially video games. The latter seems to have been largely verified so far, as it appears that something called The Matrix Awakenings was dataminded and leaked from the PSN backend, with the tagline “Unreal Engine 5 Experience”.

The leak was posted on Reddit, where a user mined data that looked like a poster for something called The Matrix Awakens. Check it out below:

The matrix wakes up.

According to a Reddit user, there are no other details for this ‘experience’, except that it is only confirmed on the PS5. He also shared the app ID from the backend:

TitleId: PPSA05753_00 ConceptId: 10004087

As is the case with everything related to leaks and data mines, take everything with a grain of salt until it is officially confirmed.

To add to this, we have confirmed that this ID is present with PlayStation Game Sizes, a popular Twitter account that monitors the size of PlayStation games through backend method. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

At the moment, it’s hard to imagine what kind of game The Matrix Awakens would be if it were a complete game at all. The tagline “An Unreal Engine 5 Experience” may indicate that it is like a short media tie-in that uses a game engine. Whatever it is, it is hoped that we will find out more about it as The Matrix Resurrections will be released later this December.

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