Mark Cuba is investing in a startup that uses AI to create ‘intelligent’ NFTs that can talk.

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Mark Cuba Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Mark Cuban is one of several notable investors in Alethea AI, a startup working to create “intelligent” non-fungal tokens that people can interact with.

On Wednesday, the company announced that it had raised $ 16 (U AU22) million through private and limited token sales. In addition to Cuba, Elitia’s other investors include Metabores, MultiCoin, Almeida, and Dipper Labs, the firm behind the NBA top shot.

Alithya allows users to add NIMT, voice synthesis and interaction to NFT.

The front page of the firm’s website reads, “Give your NFT superpowers.”

Cuba said in a statement: “Although the NFT continues to be of interest to collectors, Elithia AI has uniquely managed to integrate the AI-powered avatar into the NFT. China is safe. ” “The result is not only fun and entertaining, but also the basis for a level of interaction that is rapidly evolving using Eletia’s technologies.”

The increase in funding came after Elliott sold its first “intelligent NFT” under the name “Alice” through Sotby in June for about ڈالر 4,78,000 (AU656,849). Prior to the sale, the intelligent NFT starred on Twitter Live. video Answered viewers’ questions on Sotheby’s account and in real time.

“INFTs are intelligent, scalable, productive, interactive and have access to network intelligence through Eletia’s protocol,” the company said in a statement. “The Elithia Protocol provides creators around the world with ways to create interactive and intelligent NFTs, build communities and intellectual property around their favorite characters, and democratize access to powerful artificial media tools.”

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