Marjorie Taylor Green faces furious backlash after anti-Islam tweet: ‘Islam is not a religion of peace’

far right Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Green She got involved in yet another uproar on social media over a tweet in which she insisted that Islam “is not a religion of peace”.

The Republican congresswoman, who has previously been sanctioned by the House of Representatives for her long history of racist, holocaust, and sometimes violent statements, offered her thoughts on the implications of withdrawing from Afghanistan in an unmistakable exemplary position.

“Pray for American Missionaries in Afghanistan” chirp. There are reports that some families may have been killed. Islam is not a religion of peace.”

While many of Greene’s supporters and fellow ideologues supported her claims, many on the other side were angry and upset.

“Every time she thinks she can’t say anything worse, she does,” One user wrote. one hit by parallel drawing Between conservative Christians and conservative Muslims, occasionally pointed out: Yes, the Taliban fully represents Islam. That’s why there are Muslims hanging on planes trying to escape their rule.”

Greene is unlikely to face any official consequences for her tweet, either from Twitter or in Congress. She has repeatedly indulged in racist conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric directed not only against Muslims but against Jews, as well as against her many political opponents, but she remains in office.

Ms. Green led the calls to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and “They are all involvedTo resign because of the withdrawal from Afghanistan even Enter articles of impeachment. Ironically, removing the president and vice president would elevate Congresswoman’s archenemy Nancy Pelosi to the Oval Office.

Green also had her Twitter account recently closed for a week To spread misinformation about Covid-19 and the vaccines designed to combat it, in particular the post in which it falsely claimed that vaccines have “failed”.

Inaccurate comments against public health measures have become part of her trade stock since she was elected, and she has styled it more than once with threatening anti-government rhetoric.

In a recent appearance in Alabama, a state where a low vaccination rate has contributed to a high number of cases and hospitalizations, she suggested that if her audience is visited by government door knockers promoting a vaccine, they should scare them with guns.

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